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Mandalas & More

“Mandala” is Sanskrit for “circle,” and mandalas have been made for centuries by many different cultures—including the peoples of Tibet, Australia, North and South America—as sacred maps.

I see mandalas in nature all around me: from minute snowflakes to the symmetry of flowers, from ripples in a pond to the way the entire cosmos is laid out. As I paint from nature and imagination, my unique form of mandala takes shape.

Mandalas have been used for centuries as teaching tools to access the sacred space in the center. The idea of the sacred center runs through many of my paintings. Seed shows a sprouting seed surrounded by fire, which is the energy that can bring forth new life or destroy it. Other examples are the sacred center of the earth in the Redwood Trees in the Fog, the life giving spring in the center of the desert in the painting Between Worlds, and the solar flower in the fiery creative center in Eye of Fire.

Mandalas visually show the continual round of life and death. Two paintings stand out as examples of this: Raven in an Apple is a mandala with 4 seeds of life in its sacred center, surround by dying apple trees; the fifth seed is being carried off by a raven to start a new apple tree. A KaJu painting on a similar theme, Cherry Tree, shows the seasons of a cherry tree in the center…from the birth in spring, to death in winter, and returning again to spring. Three ravens protect the sacred cycle of nature within the red skin of a cherry…the holder of life for the cherry tree.

Maybe there is such a thing as a global Mandala consciousness, through time, and across cultures, that I am just a small part of…

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