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Recently an admirer of my flower paintings asked, “When did you start painting flowers?” It took some time before I remembered that when I was 15, living in equatorial Africa, I filled a book with paintings of tropical flowers! Years later, over a nine year period from 1997 to 2000, I painted these oils and watercolors of flowers. I have always enjoyed nature and have been particularly drawn to details, patterns, contrast, and vivid colors, so flowers seemed the perfect subject for me.

My paintings represent my interpretation of every nuance of each flower: a moment captured on paper or canvas. There are many details in flowers, when you look at them up close. I paint very small flowers, such as Snow Peas, and flowers like Rose Stem from the bottom up, to encourage others to pay attention to details and different perspectives of nature. Many blooms have patterns, like the overlapping triangles in Dahlia Crown, and the white and blue checkerboard in Matilija Poppy. Contrast draws my eye; I find myself painting white on dark green in Dream Calla Lilies, and red on blue in Red Poppies.

The vivid colors, as in Orchid Dragon, and graceful forms I use, are meant to communicate my commitment to visually expressing the joy of being alive. I hope that my images will encourage you to enrich your lives by taking a closer look at this wonderful, precious world. So please cherish and care for it!

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