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About the Artists

Impressed by the beauty of nature in the tropics, Kathy Lewis began painting flowers as a teenager, while living and traveling in Africa with her parents. After returning to the United States, she began to photograph what she saw: the beauty and detail of an endless repetition of natural forms. While in New York City, she attended NYU and received a B.S. in Art. She was fascinated by the patterns and textures around her, and captured on film the stark realities of brick walls and peeling paint.

Now living in northern California, Kathy continues her art with a vivid and exciting series of watercolor and oil paintings of a dazzling variety of flowers, in a style that has been compared to that of Georgia O'Keeffe. Kathy's paintings represent her interpretation of every nuance of each subject, captured forever in its full glory. Her art shows an insight into the endless bounty of detail which surrounds us, encouraging us all to enrich our lives by taking a closer look at our wonderful, precious world, and reminding us that we are a part of it!

Kathy has had one-woman shows locally in Mendocino County, CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Victoria, BC, Canada, and in The Hague, The Netherlands. Her artwork is part of private collections in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.A.

Judith Lewis Evans worked professionally in the Majority World Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe focusing on the health and well-being of young children from birth to 8 years of age and their families. Over the years she worked for foundations and international non-governmental organizations. She was a Program Officer within the Aga Khan Foundation based in Geneva, the Director of the Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development, Head of the Program Documentation Department at the Bernard van Leer Foundation, and Adjunct faculty the University of Victoria in Canada, engaged in a distance education program designed to provide professional training for mid-career professionals in Africa and the Middle East. She has worked with UNICEF, World Bank, ChildFund, Save the Children, Ford Foundation, the World Forum Foundation as well as governments developing programs and policies in support of young children's healthy growth and development.

Her life has been enriched by the many cultures she worked with, giving her an appreciation for locally produced fabrics and textiles, and the processes that have been developed to create them. In terms of artistic expression, she has been a weaver and quilt maker, as well as a knitter and sewer, finding opportunities to incorporate many of the designs she learned about into her work. Now retired, Judith has time to explore textile art more fully.

The collaboration with her sister Kathy Lewis, known as KaJu Art, is one expression of that activity. Working with Kathy has required thinking about how to enhance the oil paintings that Kathy produces. When creating her own product whether through a quilt or a weaving the design and materials are of Judith's own choosing. Within the Tangkas created with Kathy there is a picture that has already been created. The challenge is to work together, bouncing ideas off one another, to figure out what to bring out in the picture and how best to portray image through this new medium.

Questions or comments? Please e-mail Kathy@KathyLewisArt.com

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