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On this page you will find the water color and oil paintings by Kathy Lewis and Tangkas that were created by Kathy and her sister Judith Lewis Evans, we call our creations KaJu Art, Ka for Kathy and Ju for Judith.

On KaJu Tangkas you will find our creations. We have found at least two advantages to making Tangkas: first, they can be rolled up, making it possible for people to carry the art from one place to another: and second the fabric frames present and interact with the painting in unique way, picking up a given color, symbol or texture within the painting and giving emphasis to it and completing the art work. The fabrics used in creating the frames include: Thai silk, velour, twill, cotton, hemp, gabardine, wool, satin and velvet. A variety of stitches are used to sew the fabrics together, with beads, cords, and yarn added to give the Tangkas an additional dimension. I love all the frames, but two of my favorites are Cherry Tree, with gold thread quilting, and Grandmother's Garden , with three-dimensional puffs and seed beads.

On Mandalas and More (mandala is Sanskrit for circle), you will find mandalas that I did both long ago, and last year… some on round canvases, some square, and some Tangkas. I have been creating circular paintings for a very long time! These Mandalas were fun to paint; they have no top or bottom, so I’m continuously turning the canvas while I paint, discovering a new vision of the painting. As I paint, stories sometimes take form: like the humming birds lassoing the moon in Wild Rose, or the ants that are planting Trillium seeds in Ant Gardeners.

On the Flower page, you will find over one hundred of my watercolor and oil paintings. The paintings range from B for begonias to Z for zucchinis! They vary from day-old Snow Pea blooms the size of your finger, to gigantic Redwoods, hundreds of years old; from meticulously cared-for gardens, to wild flowers. I am continually surprised by the vivid colors and intricate designs of every bloom, and have enjoyed searching out and painting each flower…I hope that you will enjoy looking at them..

Take your time going through this site...you will find surprises and jewels on every page!
Feel free to tell a friend about this site, but please remember that you are looking at copyrighted works of art, and do not copy them, or use them in any way, without first getting permission from Kathy!

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